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March Pixelscrapper Blog Train

Happy March Friends!

Welcome to the Pixelscrapper blog train: In The Pocket. I cannot believe how incredible this month’s train is! Everybody outdid themselves for sure!

I have two sets of cards for you this month. I hope you can find use for them in all kinds of layouts, hybrid, printables, etc.


Download via Google

The second set you can grab over at my Facebook! I just love number cutouts and you can use them for pocket or traditional layouts, re-color or clip your favorite paper, glitter or texture to them for all kinds of variety.


VisitΒ Facebook

And don’t forget to head back over to the Pixelscrapper forum to grab all the other amazing parts. Your stash will be fully loaded after this month! πŸ™‚

Thanks for stopping by.

~Amanda Brown

11 thoughts on “March Pixelscrapper Blog Train

  1. These are awesome! I’m just beginning to add extras via Dropbox to Project Life App layouts and these will be wonderful!


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