As Christ Nourishes the Church


Happy Thursday friends! I wanted to start the day with a short word the Lord gave me last night in prayer. I pray it blesses, strengthens and encourages you today. ❤

“For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church:” (Eph 5:29)

Think about your body for a minute. No sane person willfully desires amputation. Nobody I’ve met, anyway, really wants to have their arm, leg or any other body part cut off. Even when it’s severely wounded, we do all we can to heal, restore and save it.

So is Jesus with His church. He nourishes and cherishes every part of His own body. He desires every part to be healthy and strong, and most of all attached. Without being attached, the organs stop functioning, the limbs start to wither and die. We must abide attached to the vine, our very life source, lest we wither and die ourselves. It is not His desire to cast off any but to heal, restore and save.

Don’t let the mind games rule you, friends. One trick of the devil is to make you think that at every mistake the Lord is waiting with a sword to cut you off. But you are His body, His bride that He cherishes. We must walk in a true and right perspective of Jesus in order to finish this race and endure to the end.

If you struggle with your perspective of God as One who nourishes and cherishes you, simply go to Him. Ask Him to change your perspective, to give you eyes to see rightly and He will. He is a good and faithful Father who wants to unpack spiritual realities to us! He came to bring light that we may see. Amen.



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