Week 15 – Photo Update

Hey y’all! Happy Monday…right? lol!

I just wanted to take a minute and share my Project 365 photos for week 15 (Apr 6th – Apr 12th). Like I mentioned in my last catch-up post, a weekly update is what I’ll be sharing on the blog but you can always follow daily on my Facebook or Flickr.

Day 96: Tulips shot in my living room where I stumbled upon the Invisible Black Backdrop Technique.

 I skipped Day 97…eek! 

Day 98: Thunderstorms outside so I took advantage of more tulip photos before they died.


Day 99: CY365 prompt – Layered. Finished my mini album…yay!

Day 100: Last night of my brother & his family visiting. Look at those chocolate milks!

Day 101: The trees in our neighborhood are finally in full bloom. Beautiful!

Day 102: CY365 prompt: ROYGBIV. Colors of the rainbow fit perfectly with all the hair ties I just stocked up on for the girls. 🙂

So there’s a glimpse of my last week. Lots of color and family fun! Thanks for stopping by.

~Amanda Brown


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