Update on Honduras Ministry Trip

Happy Thursday everyone! I thought I’d take a minute and send out a quick update on where we’re at this week. If you read up on the first post, then you know that we have connected with a group going to Honduras this June and took the big leap of faith in joining them! Plane tickets have been purchased and we are filling in the rest of the puzzle, one piece at a time.

I’m journaling a lot more!

There are several things we have to get done before we can go, including passports (which are expensive btw!), securing travel stuff (luggage, health supplies, etc.) and getting my own health up to par for traveling to Central America. Not that I’m “unhealthy,” but I did find out last year through some tests that there are a couple diseases for which I need boosters because I am not immune.

So… I am happy to say that we are definitely making progress. I want you to also take notice of how God provides in the midst of our steps. I got a couple shots on Monday. Yay! And by God’s blessing we will not have to pay out of pocket for them. Yes! Money saved. lol! Now, we will hook up with the travel clinic in Columbus (I think) and get the lengthy (like 4-6 weeks) prescription for malaria medication. Those pesky mosquitoes are to blame!

Speaking of mosquitoes… We were shopping on Amazon the other night and needed to add something to get our total up for free shipping (lol), so I looked up Deet 40%–which is what we were told to take with us to help fend off the troubling insect. Guess what I found? It was on special through Amazon as an “add-on” item for only $5 a can! That might not sound like a great deal to some, but for comparison: Walmart sells the same brand, size for $12.99/can! Look what God did! On top of that, we also found a super deal on appropriately sized luggage on eBay. I seriously see the Lord’s hand in everything we are doing right now. Some of y’all might be able to afford the latest and greatest of everything…lol…but with 4 kids, average incomes and funding our own ministry trip? These littles things really add up. So I am praising Jesus for every blessing along the way. He’s awesome like that!

Look what came!! One step closer. 🙂

We also ordered copies of our birth certificates, which is HIGH on the priority list. Without them, we can’t get our passports. Mine came speedily! It took no time at all for them to process and send out. Sam’s, on the other hand, was in LA County. Need I say more? Pray that it comes soon so we can get these passports done and over with.

What else? Hmmm… I think that’s where we stand right now. A big thank you to those who have donated to help us offset the costs of this trip. It is HUGELY appreciated! If you are wondering how you can help too, prayers are most important! We really desire a prayer covering now and throughout the trip. If you want to help with a donation, you can do that as well. Paypal is easy and you can donate here (or in person if you’re close to us):

Again, we appreciate you all! I’ll try to keep updating as things progress. Have a great weekend! 🙂

~Amanda Brown


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