Off to Honduras!

Hey friends!

I figured I better make some time to get a blog post out and update everyone on our upcoming plans. Yes, as the title of this post says: We are going to Honduras! Many of you may be aware of our hope last year to go to Uganda. Unfortunately, due to several things that trip just never came together. We finally surrendered the idea to the Lord and simply said “Your will be done” and “maybe next year.”

Rainy day Us!

As that door closed and we accepted its closure, another opened. Very recently we were invited alongside a team going to Honduras this summer. Of course, my heart burned within for this opportunity as God had put such a desire and prayer in us nearly a year ago: Here I am Lord, send me. Right? Sometimes, I don’t know if we really grasp the depth & potential of what we are praying when we pray it…lol! Perhaps we had one place in mind but the Lord had another.

Anyway, we prayed and knew right away that we were going to walk in faith and obedience and not allow the short notice to stop whatever God might be doing. You will not believe how quickly one concern after another was taken care of. House, check. Kids, check. Time off work, check. Although, at the same time all things were coming together to make us able to go, the Lord at the same time was showing me that we need to prepare and be aware of the spiritual battle that ensues as we move forward in His will like this. A spiritual tornado, so to speak. It’s not our first and I’m sure it won’t be our last to battle through in the power of His might!

Well, it didn’t take long for the battles to begin but I praise God because He forewarned us and I can honestly say that, though difficult at first, my faith in Jesus is big right now. I thank Him for putting that faith in me!! It doesn’t mean we don’t have to fight the good fight of faith, but it does mean that I can surrender and be broken before Him in full confidence of who HE IS and trust with all my heart HIS PLANS over us. And in that… is the place I want to be. Abiding under the shadow of the Almighty, wrapped in His care and centered in His will. ❤

So this weekend, we set forth to get this thing done! We forked out the money for the plane tickets (non-refundable…eek! lol). We tried to get our passports taken care of as well, but a couple birth certificate issues have delayed that for a minute. Working that out today. A few minor things after that like Malaria meds and such, then it’s continuing in prayer until we go.

I seriously thank all of you who have prayed with us/for us and continue to keep us covered. We really need it over the next few months and appreciate your prayers very much! For those who have donated previously, thank you as well! It’s not cheap to travel as I’m sure many of you are aware and we are not backed by some big organization to foot the bill. It only comes together as God provides.

If you’d like to donate to help offset this expense, you can do so via PayPal here or if you’re nearby we can meet up.


Ok, now on to the good stuff! We are going to be part of a mission team comprised of people from multiple churches/organizations. There are 20 of us going at this time….11 adults and 9 teens. Wow, I know! We will be visiting at least 2 villages in Honduras that I know of. The primary village and our place of stay will be at Nuevo Paraiso of Sociedad Amigos de los Ninos, which is essentially a whole village built around caring for orphaned and severely impoverished children whose parents can not/could not care for them. We will also be working on educational and construction projects, along with going to another children’s home/school called Montana de Luz. Without making this post especially long, I will skip the minor details. If you want to know more, please feel free to message me on Facebook.

Along with the planned stuff, we also are very aware that the Lord has His purpose. Meeting the physical need is only one part of what God has in store. Our primary desire is to meet the spiritual need of anyone we may encounter along this trip. This is our heart’s desire: that the love of God flow from us in Spirit and Truth, kingdom purposed and all for the glory of God! Above all, may Jesus be glorified! So while we can put to pen and paper the daily projects to be accomplished, we must diligently seek to be led of the Spirit and follow HIS lead minute-by-minute. Amen.

I hope you will join us along this journey and continue to keep us lifted in prayer. I will share more as we move along. Thanks again for all the support. We love you and appreciate everyone who has come alongside us in this!

Talk soon. 🙂

~Amanda Brown


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