Project 365 – Day 62

Happy Tuesday friends! We’re looking at an incoming storm over the next couple days that’s supposed to bring us a whopping 6″-9″ of snow! For that, I had to prep for anticipated snow days that the kids might be having. Grabbed some extra munchies, some art activities and yummy stuff to make cookies! We should be all set for any snow days. 🙂


Today’s CY365 prompt was “Where I Stand.” I had this image of all of us in my mind but didn’t get a chance to put it together until this evening after everyone was home.

So where do I stand? Amid this fabulous family of mine! At the end actually in the photo but placement was luck of the draw…lol! From left to right – my son, our niece (who we are raising), oldest daughter, husband, youngest daughter, and me. I love this picture so much because it was literally a “hurry up and get it done” photo. I just got home from shopping, my husband from work, and my oldest daughter had to get ready to go to her bf’s house. I made everyone put on shoes, which was hilarious in itself because my husband did not tie his, the two youngest girls grabbed the ones they thought were “cute,” my oldest daughter put on my winter boots (a lovely accompaniment to her lounge pants, right?!) and my son his tennis shoes – but oh my! He is wearing his snow pants from last year which are much too small! LOL! How can I not love this totally dysfunctional family photo of where I stand? This… is our life. ❤

Nikon D3300, 50mm @ f/5.6, 1/100, ISO 200 w/flash

I adore my family. Thankful for daily prompts to help me remember to capture us in all kinds of ways because these days will quickly be gone and forgotten.

Thanks for stopping by.

~Amanda Brown


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