Project 365 – Day 45

Happy Valentine’s Day friends! Today’s post is going to be short & sweet. I didn’t have much playtime with the camera and really only picked it up today to get my CY365 prompt done.


Valentine! An obvious choice for a theme for today. Though my husband is my valentine, we stayed in our PJs all day and avoided the camera…lol! Shelby was more than happy to jump in front of the camera with her perfectly fitting heart t-shirt. I just snapped one in the living room and didn’t even do much processing – as you can tell it’s rather bright…lol!

Nikon D3300, 50mm @ f/2.8, 1/100, ISO 100 w/Flash

And I was happy to see that my fun photo of Miss Heaven yesterday was selected as one of the Capture Your 365 Photos of the Day. Fun stuff!

Hope you’ve had a great Valentine’s Day! Thanks for stopping by.

~Amanda Brown


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