Project 365 – Day 44

Happy Friday…again! Doesn’t it seem like this week has flown by? I’m thankful that this back thing finally feels like it’s coming to an end.


Today’s CY365 prompt was Pretty in Pink. When I asked the girls who wanted to pose for me, Heaven was the quick “ME!” This girl loves the camera. Her favorite thing is to make all kinds of funny expressions, then go back and look at each of them afterwards. Silly girl!

The pink walls in the room gave a nice pink undertone that I though fit the day’s theme well.

CY365 Photo of the Day for Pretty in Pink!

Nikon D3300, 50mm @ f/3.2, 1/125, ISO 100 w/flash bounced off ceiling

As cute as this photo is, I have to admit I’ll be happy when February is over. There’s been much more pink and girly photo prompts to work out than I really care for. Can’t wait for the warmth and sunshine so we can get back outside! This single digits stuff is not fun.

Have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

~Amanda Brown


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