Project 365 – Day 41

Hey there! So, I skipped my blog post yesterday. Sorry if you’re following. I did, however, update my Facebook and Flickr so if you’re interested, you can always catch my daily photos at either of those spots.

Today…hmm…today was a little different. I set out with the Capture Your 365 prompt in mind: Striking/Contrast. I had a couple vague spots in mind, but the ONE that I could not escape was this spot down the railroad tracks in town and under the freeway bridge where the river comes to a T.

You probably think I’m talking about some beautiful lanscape/river shot, right? Nope. This is a little spot my husband stumbled upon in late December during one of his around-town walks. As he was crossing under the bridge, he happened upon what appeared to be someone’s living space. Snug up as high as they could get underneath the freeway. A bed neatly made upon a pile of large, jagged rocks to keep it from getting wet.


Today, I set out to photograph homelessness is Logan, Ohio. Maybe not the epitome of it but a glimpse of it. I had no idea, really, if anything was even still here. The first time we came to visit, we left a Bible as a marker to see if it was abandoned belongings or if someone was actually using this space to live. The second time we checked in, the Bible was unmoved…sitting on top of the bed in the exact spot we had left it. So we departed and prayed for whoever may have spent their nights there. As I approached today, I couldn’t see anything and started to think everything had been cleared out. Though as I got closer, I could see it was all still there. BUT…the bike was in a different location…the Bible was no longer on top of the bed–it was now to the side of it…some of the shoes and bags had been moved around. SOMEONE had been there since our last visit! We still don’t know if that someone is living there, sleeping there from time to time or what. Maybe they have a job or go to a friend’s house during the day?

Whoever it is, maybe one day we’ll get to meet them and find out a little more about who they are. For now, we will continue to pray for them and their safety. It is VERY cold out here during the winter.

These photos may not have any artistic quality to them, but THIS is what makes it for me. These fueled my passion more than any still life I could have set up. This is real life and documenting it is what makes my Project 365 what it should be. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by. See ya tomorrow.

~Amanda Brown


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