Project 365 – Day 29

Oh my goodness…is it Friday yet? So thankful today has come to a close with joy and peace. Looking forward to the weekend with my family. I made myself take some more interesting photos today, considering the past two days have been blah!


The kids and I made a quick trip to Mingo park this afternoon. I had the Capture Your 365 prompt in mind as we were driving: tethered. I really had no idea what I was going to shoot for this. I thought of swings, but as we were halfway to the park I realized that I’d forgotten my camera! Ugh. Turned around and on the way back to the house, we passed this flag pole on the corner. I thought of how it’s tethered to the pole and had to give it a shot.

I ended up going with an angle from down below the flag. I wanted to get the rope as well but the terrible gloomy day made it hard to shoot without upping the ISO beyond what I wanted to. So…this was my final shot.

CY365 Prompt: Tethered

I had also read a brief photography article this morning about changing your perspective when shooting to capture your subject at different angles. I was happy with this angle. I like how the flag is coiled up inside itself.

You finding any interesting angles in your daily photos?

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

~Amanda Brown


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