Project 365 – Day 22

I didn’t get around to blogging my project 365 photos last night, so here they are. Day 22 and counting…


The Capture Your 365 prompt for today was Color Blocking. I randomly took shots of all kinds of different things in the house that I thought fit. Then I walked into our room and saw Shelby’s little blue guitar sitting next to Daddy’s guitar and it looked perfect to me. I set hers over top of the edge of his and started snapping away. It was fairly dark in our bedroom (I don’t know why I didn’t think to take them into another room…lol!) and I was using my ext flash which gave some hard shadows. Finally, I got one that looked ok.

CY365 Photo of the Day for Color Blocking!

Daddy & Shelby’s guitars 

I was really happy with the contrasting colors and even though Daddy’s guitar wasn’t as sharp as the other one, I went with it anyway. Not perfect, but such a sweet reminder of the little one who looks up to her daddy. ❤ And it was selected as a Photo of the Day over at Capture Your 365 on Facebook, so that was a cool bonus.

The only other photos I took today were a couple when Shelby was reading and while her and Daddy were juicing. But decided to only use one more for today. Miss Shelby reading away.

Reading her story to Daddy

Happy Friday! Thanks for stopping by.



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