Project 365 – Day 21

Today? Blah! I have felt yucky, tired, sick all day long. The motivation to be creative with photos was lacking and I’m lucky I even got a couple. I was determined to capture my #CY365 for the day and try out a reflection shot for our photog group.
So here they are…


The prompt for Capture Your 365 today was Meal or Play? I had nothing in me to even try to be creative with this. So, I captured my breakfast cooking…lol.
Yep, eggs & ham. If only I had some orange juice.
Our local photography group has a weekly challenge of reflections this week. Again, my tired, yucky self had no creative juices flowing so I worked on a still life reflection. This was the first time trying this on our little black table but it worked out ok. It has a glass top which made a decent reflection for the flower…well, what’s left of the flower anyway. That is the leftovers of my Christmas poinsettia. About time to say good-bye, I suppose.
Black table w/glass top placed in front of our black couch and lighting from the window to the left. 
I did manage to work and even make a weak dinner for the family, but other than that I have been useless. Early bedtime tonight.
Thanks for stopping by.



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