Project 365 – Day 20

Hello. Today…I am so happy! My new lens came and I could not be more pleased. The hubs finally let me fork out the money for the 50mm 1.8g and…wow! This thing does laps around the kit 18mm-55mm. I have had my camera for about 4 years and had not bought a single new lens for it until now. Everybody had great things to say about this lens and so it was an obvious first choice. I can clearly see that it is going to live up to its reputation.

And now on to day 20…


This was in line with the CY365 prompt for today: Triptych/Trio. So, I decided to shoot my new toy! nothing artsy but it sure made me smile. 🙂

New Nikon 50mm 1.8G

I could NOT wait to get some test shots in tonight. Hubs and I headed to Lancaster to shoot this coffee shop that I think looks super cute at night, but it was closed (and lights out) by the time we got there! I was sorely disappointed. We almost turned right around but Sam told me, “We came out here, you’re shooting something.” haha! Thank God for that or else I would never have gotten these amazing shots of the courthouse. We drove by it and it caught my eye because it was SO lit up. The light on the building and on this perfectly placed bench made an awesome B&W!

Fairfield County Courthouse, Lancaster, Ohio

After snapping quite a few, we were freezing! Turned down this alley to head home and what did I see? But this sweet clock tower that looked like part of a castle (to me anyway). So out I jumped and snapped a couple more before finally heading home. (You can see all the test shot photos here. )

Lancaster, Ohio

I cannot wait to see what other great shots I can get out of this lens. I imagine the possibilities are endless!

Do you have a favorite lens?

Thanks for stopping by. See ya tomorrow.



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