Project 365 – Day 18

Happy Sunday friends! The weekend has finally come to a close for me and I can say it was slightly uneventful, but I didn’t let that stop me from getting my photos in…


Hubs and I went out tonight to try to capture some long exposure car lights and as we found a spot to park, I saw the river! It looked so beautiful under the street lights from the bridge above. There is a mini waterfall here that I had never seen before. The camera had a hard time focusing on the water because it was so dark, but I will definitely be back out to this spot to try again.

I also used this shot for the Capture Your 365 prompt for today: balance.

Nighttime bridge in Logan, OH.

My son also got his haircut today. This is a big deal…lol! We have shaved his head pretty much since forever. He decided he wanted to let it grow out, but I refused to allow it to be all nasty and shaggy in the back and over his ears. So, today he finally got it cut. And I must say, he looks so handsome!

Lovin the new haircut!

And this was another one of our night shots. I was focusing on long exposure car lights. The street lights go wild with long exposures though. Look at those starbursts! And the green? Looks like blue. I love the way this one looked.

Nighttime in Logan, OH

As I look at these photos, I realize how different they all are. It’s going to be an amazing journey back after 365 days. 🙂

Thanks for checking in.



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