Project 365 – Day 16

Happy Friday! Hope you are enjoying your start to the weekend. I’m up way past bedtime and have a feeling I’m going to pay for it in the morning. :/

Since I’m up, I figured I’d get my day 16 posted, so here it is…


My first photo of the day revolved around the #CY365 prompt: snowflake. We hadn’t had any fresh snow for a couple days and I wasn’t about to go back out into the freezing cold to look for any…lol. I didn’t have much time before work, so I took one of the girls’ frozen dresses as inspiration. I opened the front door, hung it up and within a few minutes, the glass on the storm door was fogged over. I thought it was a nice complement to the snowflake theme. I didn’t realize until afterwards that you can see all the kids scribbles from days before. I thought they were a perfect reminder of the fingers continually leave their mark on our home. ❀

Snowflake theme #cy365

I also spent some time trying to get a decent photo of Jack. It had been a while since I took any of him. This was my favorite! I love that he was straight-facing the camera.


I took a few others, but nothing worth sharing – mostly test shots and a few others of the cajon that we’re selling. Well, since I mentioned it. I tried to learn the cajon a couple years ago and went with it for about 6 months, but didn’t have a fire for it. So, it’s been sitting for I don’t know how long. We decided it’s time to sell it and today the ads went up.

Good-bye cajon. It was fun while it lasted.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Thanks for stopping by.


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