Project 365 – Day 15

Hey y’all. Bet you’re happy today’s Thursday, right? Because that means that tomorrow’s F-R-I-D-A-Y. Woohoo! lol. Can you tell I’m ready for the weekend?

I’m tired at the moment and it’s 10PM already. I’m not going to prolong this post, but get these pics posted and then go watch a movie with my hubs while we have some peace & quiet with all of the kids in bed.

So here are a couple moments from my day…


The most memorable: Shelby has learned how to tie her shoes all by herself! I don’t even know exactly how she learned because it’s not something I have purposely made an effort to teach her. You know what they say: Kids learn more by watching than they do by you telling them. This is a direct affirmation of that notion. Tonight she got to show daddy for the first time. And thus, my photo for the #CY365 prompt was done!

She did so well on the first try!

After a sitting through my photo taking madness, she was done. lol! She flopped out on the floor and her slightly pouty attitude was enough for me to get yet another sweet photo to go along with this new milestone.

The work of her hands. 🙂

This next photo isn’t anything special or purposely arranged, but those are really the ones this project 365 is all about. Her simply drawing on the refrigerator while waiting for dinner (which was later than usual tonight) was a true glimpse of our everyday life.

Refrigerator doodles are becoming commonplace around here.

And with that, I wish you all a good night and will see ya tomorrow.


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