Project 365 – Day 14

Two weeks in and I must say, today was slow going. I had very little inspiration for shooting anything. Which, I suppose, is ok because let’s admit: we can’t be photo-obsessed every day, right?

The only thing I had in mind was a self-portrait. I’ve never done one beyond the good ole “selfie” and was a little bit intimidated. It’s a weekly challenge for one of the groups I’m in, so I decided today would be the day to at least get some practice shots in.

So, here’s my attempt at self-portraiture…


I envisioned this shot from the moment I started brainstorming a self-portrait. My faith in Jesus and the Word of God is such a huge part of who I am. It makes me who I am, so to include it in a self-portrait was only natural. This was a little tricky to set up. I put the camera on the tripod and set my Bible on the floor and focused on it. Then set the timer on the camera and quickly grabbed the Bible and sat in what seemed like a good spot. After several tries, I managed to get one that wasn’t a total mess.

The ultimate self-portrait is looking at yourself through God’s eyes – in Christ’s Image. ❤

This next one was me trying a simple face shot. I taped a sock to the wall, then focused on it with my camera on the tripod. Set the timer and ran over to the spot. It really was hit or miss that my face was in or out of the frame. I saved this one because I was astonished that it caught a perfect focus of my eyeball, even though the rest of my face was out of the frame!

Kind of ironic that my mouth is cut out since I’m such a huge talker lol.

And this was the very last shot. I decided to try a quick mirror self-portrait. I opened the blinds in our bedroom so the morning light was shining in. Then stood in front of the mirror (it’s on the outside of our bathroom door) which is next to our closet. I left the closet light on because I thought it cast a nice light on the side of my face. I used a high ISO because it was really dark with so little light and so this one turned out very grainy. I don’t mind so much though because I think it adds to the atmosphere of the photo. I really like the contrast of warm and cool light. Processed with a matte effect.

Contrast of warm and cool light with a matte effect.

Other than this, there was nothing that caught my photographic attention today. I’ve been super tired and definitely feeling the hump-day. Glad tomorrow starts the downhill ride to this weekend.

Have any special plans for this weekend? Thanks for stopping by! See ya tomorrow. 🙂


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