Project 365 – Day 13

Wow! Today was very full of snap-snap-snap! I was seeing “pops of color” everywhere and snapping away to see if one might be just right for the Capture Your 365 prompt for today. I made purposeful arrangements, tried more spontaneous photos of whatever was in my path, but nothing was just right.

The day went on and I wasn’t sure if I was gonna get one today for CY365, but as the evening rolled around (and I rolled into the Tim Horton’s drive thru for a hot cup o java) the Lord graced me with the most gorgeous sunset! Vivid magenta-pink was flung across the sky with sweeping clouds. It was a-ma-zing! I left the drive-thru and pulled into a parking spot to grab a picture. Luckily, I was on my way to our photo meet-up and had my camera with me. A clear view was blocked by a line of trees, but whatever! It’s still beautiful lol! So this was my final “pop of color” for the day.


Sunset in Lancaster, Ohio

I tried a number of arrangements of color from food to pencils to markers and even tools. I like the depth of field in this photo of my son’s markers.

Tried this pop of color as well. I like the angle and depth of field.

Color wasn’t the only thing I tried to capture today. I started my morning trying to get a frozen bubble but it was a big fail! It was too windy to start with. My bubbles were flying all over and popping like crazy. One that landed on a railing was ok, but it wasn’t cold enough to freeze right away and ended up popping from the wind. So, I moved into the garage to see what I could get. Though not cold enough to freeze, I had fun capturing this big bubble on the trunk of my car. 🙂

Me in snow gear trying to get this bubble.

Hope you all had a great Tuesday! Catch ya later.


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