Project 365 – Day 12

Happy Monday Friends! Did you have a good start to the week? I hope so.

I woke up thinking about today’s CY365 prompt: Frost. I knew if I wanted to try to catch some frost outside, I would have to be up before the temps started rising. Unfortunately, it wasn’t early enough and the light wasn’t that great thanks to the heavily overcast sky.

Nonetheless, I gave it a shot. I like this dark leaf and green grass against the leftover ice in the front yard. Not quite frost, but certainly frosty. 🙂


1st attempt at capturing frost.

#CY365 prompt: Frost

By mid-morning, I wasn’t happy with my first frost photo for the CY365 prompt and as I pondered the theme a lightbulb went on – frost? frost? frosting! Zoe was more than happy to bake some cupcakes and I layered on a nice thick glob of pink goodness! I threw down some confetti sprinkles and voila! I had my photo.

Sweet confetti cupcakes.

I like this version too, especially with the haze. Personally, I prefer cupcakes minus the frosting but the pink sure made a sweet photo. 🙂

I didn’t capture any of the kids today. I still have lots of photos from yesterday to edit and don’t want to do that thing where I overload my hard drive with photos that I never have time to edit. Hoping to post some more from our impromptu “white” photo shoot tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great night.


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