Project 365 – Day 6

Day 6 was a photo-filled day! The kids were home from school due to weather and all were eager to play outside. My oldest has been wanting her senior portraits in the snow, so we took advantage of the snow day. It was terribly cold! For each outfit change we stayed a inside a few extra minutes to warm up. I didn’t choose these for my day 6 photos. They will have their own post shortly. I did share a couple of my favs at the end of this post though.

I went with a few others for my chosen photos today. So here’s day 6…


A totally imperfect picture but so perfect! The laughter and joy that comes from playing in the snow!

The lilac tree in our front yard. I think I want to capture it in each season.

Practicing silhouettes again. 

What a busy day! But I’m learning it really only takes a few minutes to stop and capture the moment.

Here’s a few from my oldest’s senior portraits in the snow.

Have a blessed day!


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