Project 365 – Day 3

What did I capture for day 3? Not much on the camera. Sam & I had a mini rainy-day adventure on our mission to find the homeless person who lives under one of the bridges in Logan. There’s a bed made up of layered sleeping bags on top of a layer of rocks, backpacks, clothes and personal care items, but no one to be found.

We left a Bible and will check back again soon. The Bible really serves two purposes: 1. For hope, obviously and 2. As a marker. If it’s been moved then we’ll know someone is still living there. Hopefully they left these belongings because they have found somewhere to stay. It is bitterly cold outside this time of year!

After we visited the bridge, we meandered over to the abandoned railroad cars to see if there might be anyone there. They were both empty. As we were coming out of the 2nd car, the thunder crashed and we knew it was time to go! Luckily we brought an umbrella because we didn’t make it very far before the rain started coming down.


So, this is day 3 (taken with my phone). Sam & I huddled under an umbrella on the way back to the car. Love life’s little adventures. ❤

Thanks for following along our journey. 🙂



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