Project 365 – Day 1

So I have taken the plunge! Made the commitment. I’m embarking on a new project 365 in 2015. I’ve already re-ignited the flame of love with my camera, so this only seems fitting for the new year.

I will do my best to accomplish my goal of snapping and sharing at least one photo a day. I’m limiting myself to uploading/sharing no more than three. I tend to get a little obsessive and setting boundaries is good…for me.

I hope you will follow along and maybe even start your own photo-a-day journey. You don’t need a blog. You don’t need a fancy camera. All you need is something to shoot with. I’ll be sharing pics taking with both my camera and my phone, especially during those months when our schedules are busy. The phone tends to be more handy than carrying around a chunky DSLR.

So here we go. My day 1 started on New Year’s Day!


My hubs walking back from an under the bridge trip.

Skate Park in Lancaster, OH

A lovely little church in the afternoon sun between Lancaster & Logan

You can follow here on the blog, on my Facebook, Pinterest or Google+. I’m on Twitter but honestly, it has never been my thing. So I may or may not tweet daily updates.

Looking for more Project 365 inspiration? Check out Capture Your 365. They have all kinds of ideas!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


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