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Ultimate Beginner’s Photography Cheat Sheet

Happy Tuesday friends!

Hope you all are fairing well as we draw closer to Christmas. We are just about ready. Only a couple gifts left to wrap and then on to enjoy family and friends over the next few days.

In the midst of all the holiday fun, I found myself falling back in love with my camera. Unfortunately with this super-busy year it has had little time out of the closet beyond birthdays and special events. Even then, it was minimal. So, here I am. Back at it. I’m thankful to have a few friends along the journey as well! We are plugging along as a local photography group and learning together. That makes it so much more fun!


I will admit, I don’t consider myself a total beginner, though I’m far from professional. I am… somewhere in between. Intermediate, I suppose. As I was looking up various tips and other info to grow beyond what my basic digital photography class taught me (or I forgot lol), I came across a bunch of really great photography cheat sheets! (who doesn’t love cheat sheets?)

The bummer? Many of them were not available for download or to print or the web page no longer existed. Some were even for sale. I really wanted to share with our little photog group and was left disappointed. But, did you really think that would stop me? haha! Of course not.

I went on to gather the tips I found most helpful, along with a couple extras, and created my own. Free for us…free for you. Share, print, pin, bookmark, do as you please. I just ask that you don’t steal the credit.photog-cheatsheet

You can download color or b&w. Enjoy!

Download .pdfs here:
Color or B&W
Have a wonderful week and a blessed Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Beginner’s Photography Cheat Sheet

  1. Thank you so much for doing this — a lot of work. What a help it will be. I like that you've illustrated the actual lens openings to go with the aperture reading.


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