Project Finally Finished!

Good morning everyone!

I am so happy that the big project I was working on is finally finished! Well, finished as I suppose a website ever is, right? There’s always more stuff you can do to make it shine or give it more pizazz…lol!

DermaHut Homepage

Today is an exciting day since it’s the store’s first BIG promo on the new storefront. And I finally get to share the fruit of all my labors! hehe. As I share in the excitement with the store owners, I wanted to also share with you all! If you have a couple minutes to spare today, head over and check it out, browse around. It’s amazing what you can do with your digiscrap skills and the uses you can find for tools that were once labeled “digital scrapbooking supplies.”

Plus, if you are into skin care or have skin conditions that you have to deal with regularly (excessively dry skin, discoloration/dark spots, severe acne…all that kinda stuff), they sell medical grade skin care and all this weekend a HUGE sale is going on. I’d never heard of these products til I started helping them out and I am definitely wowed! by many of them. So, just in case you or someone you know could use the savings, now’s the time. 🙂

Hope you all have had a wonderful week. I am definitely looking forward to this weekend. Sorry I missed the Pixelscrapper blog train launch this month, but maybe I’ll find some free time to jump onto the November train.

OH! I almost forgot. Since many have signed up for the newsletter after I sent out the mini kit freebie, I’m going to put it up here for everyone. It’s much easier for me that way. I will get to that sometime over the weekend and will let ya know when it’s ready!

Have a great weekend! See ya soon.


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