Fabulous Photo Friday

Happy Friday Friends!

As I was browsing a mass of stock photos the other night, I thought it might be fun to spotlight some that caught my eye. I love (capital L-O-V-E) photography. Great photography, mediocre photography, professional and amateur alike. I love vivid colors, muted colors, black and whites. I adore both landscape and street photography. Cultural photos are always amazing! I mean, honestly, there isn’t much that I don’t like about viewing other people’s photos.

To kick off my new Friday focus, here is photo spotlight #1.

Photo Credit: Caroline Gutman via Unsplash

Since summer is upon us and our beach vacation is less than 3 weeks away (yippee!), this photo naturally jumped out at me. This is one I could frame and find a spot for somewhere in my house. Perhaps when we remodel the office space, it will find it’s home on my wall. A nice reminder of life outside these four walls.

Also, considering I’m a born and raised So-Cal girl, the vintage VW van will always be a fav! It just screams California beach livin’ to me. Iconic, for sure.

Oh…and this photo? It’s free.

On a side note, check out all these Fs I’m using today: Fabulous, Free, Friday, Photo, Focus, Friends! Enough with all that Back to business.

It really is free to use however you wish, commercial or personal use. Thank you Caroline Gutman and Unsplash for that.

Hint: If you don’t feel like scrolling photo-by-photo on Unsplash, you can view thumbnails in their archive.

So, what do you think? Is it a Friday Fab Photo?

Thanks for visiting! See ya soon. 🙂


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