Writing is a Curious Thing.

Hi friends…

I have a confession to make. I spent two hours tonight writing three itty-bitty summaries for a newsletter that is due for next month. Two hours! I’m talking B-A-S-I-C. Nothing special. No creativity necessary. Seriously, I was almost too ashamed to admit it.

Photo Credit: Ruben Alexander, The Wanderer’s Eye

Then again. Who cares? At least I got it done, right? I could have stared at a page full of scattered words, fragmented sentences and nonsensical paragraphs for hours with no motivation or free-flowing ideas and threw in the towel. I could have procrastinated yet another day since I didn’t feel like writing to begin with. The former may be an inevitable experience that many of us have had but unless you’re writing your own book on your own timeline, then the latter is not an option…ever. If you have a deadline to meet or a boss to whom you must answer, you will learn to write whether you feel like it or not.

Anyhow, as I finished my not-so-thrilling writing task, I pondered writing in general, the writing process and the mental experience of the writer. I realized: it’s a curious thing for sure.

You have to step out of your own mental state of being and become what you desire to portray in words. Even if only for a brief moment, you are no longer you. You are what you write, the voice of the words on the screen/paper: the lovesick lad, the health & fitness guru, the lifestyle junkie, the techie whiz, the world reporter, the humanitarian, the rebel without a cause.

Every article, short story or more that you write is different. It varies by topic or intended audience. It can be on a professional deadline or a free-flowing personal project. No matter the case, if you can’t close your eyes for a moment, dig deep down and become what you are writing, guess what happens? Writer’s block. And herein is the troubled mind of every writer at some point in time. It struggles to release itself to become the portrayal of the final product. If only there were an instant fix. But oh! That moment when inspiration hits and flows like a spring waterfall! Ooh-wee!

I guess it comes down to what many have said about life in general: You can’t appreciate what you have until you have not.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great night!


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