Digital Scrapbooking

Digiscrap Freebie: Mini Kit

Happy Friday everyone!

Here’s a mini kit for you. Some of you Pixelscrapper fans may recognize the color scheme and theme. I made this as part of the blog train, but did not get around to including it on the Pixelscrapper website. In the midst of all my account changes over the past month, blog trains were really at the end of the list of priorities. However, since I made it, I certainly don’t want it to go to waste! I hope you can make use of it. Don’t forget to head over to Pixelscrapper where you will find the full list of contributors in their blog train forum.

Download via

You can always check out my digital scrapbooking freebies page for any items you may have missed in past posts. Right now there’s only a few but I have many more ready to upload and will be adding them as time allows. 🙂

Have a super blessed and joyous weekend!


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