It’s Amazing Out There

Have you heard about the Weather Channel’s photo contest: It’s Amazing Out There? I briefly caught a glimpse a time or two as I was checking the forecast online but didn’t pay much attention to it.

Today, however, I saw a tweet that did catch my attention. I had a few minutes to spare, so I headed over to the Weather Channel online and had a look around. I love taking pictures of nature and its elements, though time for it this year has been minimal. I read through the rules, which were pretty basic. The only guideline I didn’t care for was that the picture had to be taken after January 1, 2012. I have SO MANY great pictures from our beach trips and time in West Virginia, but unfortunately they were before that date so I can’t use them. *sad face*

I went on to spend some time browsing through pictures of the last year and remembered this little guy!

Isn’t he great?!? I just love his prickly, furry self! We were on a family hiking trip at Cedar Falls, OH and took a break to eat after our hike. As we were heading to the vehicles, I saw this guy hanging out on the railing that exits the gazebo. He was really big for a fly! He wasn’t scared, either. I had a good few minutes to get close and snap some shots before my husband and kids got tired of waiting. I have no idea what type of fly he was, but he was so ugly and interesting looking that I had to take pictures of him. The only edit done on this was to re-size it & add the web address for the blog.

Even if he isn’t a winner, this will forever be one of my favorite photos. His bug eyes and prickly hair are too great!

What about you? Have any shots that you’re entering into the contest? Voting starts June 16th so keep your eyes open for the voting links!

Talk soon…


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