Everyday Life

Moths: Butterflies by Night

Check out this moth my husband pulled off the grill of his car today! We were driving home from Chillicothe late last night and a big something flew right in front of us and into the car. I joked that it was a bat, but since there was no *thump* we knew it was likely a moth. And it definitely looked like a big one from where I was sitting.

After a couple Mothman jokes, we quickly forgot about it. Until this afternoon…

Pretty cool, huh? I always think of moths as nighttime butterflies. He’s colored with some really great neon green. I put him next to the lens cap just for size comparison. I would love to see one the size of my hand. I’ve heard they can get that big out here. This would have to be the largest one I have seen to date.

You ever find interesting life forms around where you live?

Have a great rest of the weekend!


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