Blogger Tip: Remove Gadget Title

As anyone who’s ever customized or designed their own blog via blogger, you have come to realize there are many things you just can’t do. Or can you? From simple things that cause you undue frustration to the more complicated ones you may have never thought of, here are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.

I will update this post as I add to it. Eventually it will become a static page, but for now. Enjoy and share you blog designs in the comments. I always enjoy seeing personalized tweaks to the standard themes that are out there.

The Problem

Get rid of that annoying, space-consuming and seemingly mandatory title over images or gadgets you add to the sidebar.

From your DASHBOARD, go to LAYOUT and click on the gadget you want to add/edit. In this case, I’m working with an image. If you tried to save this without a title, Blogger would deny you the luxury and tell you that the “required field must not be left blank.” That is true. However, you can add an invisible title that pleases its need for something to be there.

The Answer

You have two options. I haven’t noticed one works better than the other, but I use the first simply because it was the first fix I ever found. The second one seems to satisfy the need with header code. There are more complicated ways which require going into the HTML form itself and deleting code, but I prefer the quickest, and easiest method. And what’s easier than copy & paste?

Copy and paste either of these codes into the title box, save and be on your way.

1. <!–>

Stay tuned for more Blogger tips n tricks soon!



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